Sunday, February 7, 2010

Turkmenistan News Round-Up

Business Week notes that Turkmenistan is open for business and may provide returns for adventurous investors. believes that Turkmenistan may become the "Dubai of the Caspian Sea." However,  The Economist is more bearish on prospects for this year. India is in the optimistic camp regarding Turkmenistan's economic potential, as it is sending Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur along with a delegation from the Confederation of Indian Industry to explore strengthening business ties between the two nations.

Iran continues to enjoy strong commercial relations with Turkmenistan, with a recent Iranian delegation highlighting the completion of the Turkmenistan-Iran gas pipeline and construction of a rail link between the nations.The Iranian Vice-President indicated his country's desire to open a Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Iran ferry link connecting into the port of Turkmenbashi city.

Turkmenbashi city's airport experienced some more short-term excitement a few days ago - a Ukranian Aerosvit flight from Kiev to Baku had to make an emergency landing in the city's airport due to bad weather.

Plans are underway for Asghabat residents to enjoy more reliable electricity as the city grows.  Following Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov's visit to France, he announced that a consortium of European countries will receive a 2.2 billion Euro contract to improve the capital's power grid.

Vancouver Winter Olympics: Sorry, no Turkmen athletes will be competing this year, though that may change someday.  Central Asian fans will be able to root for Kazahkstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic, and Uzbekistan, according to

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