Monday, February 1, 2010

Turkmenistan News Sites

Not sure that Camel Spit is giving you all possible information about current events in Turkmenistan?  Go to the following sites to satisfy your curiosity about the home of the Golden Century!
Turkmenistan Golden Age News Site (In Russian)
Turkmenistan Official Magazine
Turkmenistan news from the horse's mouth.

Eurasianet has its very own Turkmenistan blog.  Not that I'm competitive, but you'll find nary a recipe on that site.  Fake translations of PCV conversations?  Nope.   It is, however, informative and funny.  The Russian version has different content, so load it in the Google translator if you're not up on the language.
Through Eurasianet, you can also subscribe to email updates from OSI's Turkmenistan project.  You can enter your email address on the main page at

Times of Central Asia

You can  sign up for a free weekly newsletter or get the full web version for $15 a month, with various deals for multiple month subscriptions.

News Central Asia
Internet news agency headquartered in Ashgabat.

BBC Country Page Turkmenistan
Unfortunately, this page is infrequently updated.  But it has good general info and the occasional interesting news story.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Turkmen Service
U.S.-funded news and information site.

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