Friday, February 5, 2010

Past Projects by Friends of Turkmenistan

Friends of Turkmenistan (FOT)'s new leadership is busy exploring options for projects to pursue this year. Because we are a member-driven organization, any FoT member can suggest projects for the organization. So, if you have any idea you're passionate about and are willing to work to help realize it (and have paid your dues at NPCA or by sending a check for $15 to FoT), let us know!

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the projects that FoT has undertaken in the past.

* Turkmenistan academic scholarship competition. To encourage graduate-level study of Turkmenistan, a team of outside readers chose the best paper or public health poster on Turkmenistan to receive a small scholarship. The winning scholar wrote about HIV prevalence among sex workers in Turkmenistan.

* Buddy program - RPCVs volunteered to be community contacts for UGRAD and Muskie fellows studying in their hometown.

* Community center support - FoT sent books and office supplies to two resource centers in Mary Welayat, building on a Peace Corps project that has been successfully picked up by the community

* Created PowerPoint presentation for teachers and RPCVs to use in introducing Turkmenistan to students. Available at FoT's homepage:

* Hosted pre-departure parties for Peace Corps Trainee groups traveling to Turkmenistan.

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