Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Turkmenistan: The Music Videos

Pining for Turkmenistan? YouTube has you covered. A little Internet searching (read: procrastination) found music video tributes for the capital cities. Well, Mary's isn't so much a music video as a car ride.

Asghabat: The City of Love has music videos in two modes: Sexy rap and melodic techno.

Balkanabat: The intrepid students of School 15 show that hard core Russian rap is as appropriate to Balkan Welayat as Moscow.

Dashoguz: Sting shows he is the Karakum desert rose in this slideshow. The second offering sends the viewer on a virtual taxi ride, in HD.

Mary: More music, more cars. Turkmen techno, with a dancing car in a toi convoy.

Turkmenabat: Live footage, with the most nostalgic music I've heard all week.

Gozel! No, she's not a city. But no music video survey would be complete without the queen of Turkmen pop.

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