Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breakfast with host mother

By Charles Gussow (T-11)

Conversation between Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) and his host mother (Eje), as remembered by the PCV. Translated from the Turkmen.
Eje:    Good morning, dear son!  I hope that you had restful sleep.
PCV:     It was restful, thank you.  I'm always amazed that sleeping on a dushek can be so comfortable.  People in the U.S. could learn something from the Turkmen. You can't just throw money around and expect happiness.  Simple solutions can work so well.
Eje:    Maybe you could start a an import company when you return home and become rich on Turkmen technology!  Just remember to send some money to us.
PCV:    Sure!  We'll call it Eje's Therapuetic Sleep System.
Eje:      You're so funny!  Would you like some tea while I make you breakfast?
PCV:    Yes, please.  Would you like me to help you?
Eje:    Don't be silly. I'm your mother. It's my pleasure to serve you.  You work so hard helping our community by teaching our children how to be healthy.
PCV:    You're so great.

Conversation as remembered by Eje. Translated from the Turkmen.

Eje:    (Glancing meaningfully at wall clock showing 10:15 am) Good morning, sonny.  You sure seemed to enjoy sleeping this morning.
PCV:    Yes. Sleeping dushek comfortable.  America needs what teaching. Money not fix all. Plain good.
Eje:    If money's not that important to Americans, you should go home, start a business, and send all those American dollars to me!
PCV:    Yes!  We name it Eje Hospital Sleep Role.
Eje:    You're ridiculous.  Sit down and drink your tea so that I can get myself organized in the kitchen.
PCV:    Yes. I help?
Eje:    Stop joking.  You're my guest and it's my duty to serve you.  If you want to work hard, spend your effort on the community, helping our children.
PCV:    Yes. You great.

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